Winter on Walloon

The unmistakable sound of winter wind rushing through pines. The quiet of snow falling. Easing down hilly roads as the snowy branches arch above you and the winding road demands your attention. A stop in for laughter and roasting fire on a winter’s night. Bluebird days with comical birds at the feeder and tracks in fresh fallen snow tantalize your imagination.

Every breath of the fresh winter air, chirp of packed snow under your boots, gaze into the brilliant starfilled nights of winter offer inspiration, imprint a memory and for me, bring peacefulness not otherwise known.

Here on the Winter solstice, we begin our invitation. Please create and submit an original piece of writing – a story, a journal entry, an essay, a memory from Charlevoix, Antrim, and or Emmet County in northern Michigan that we can share with other readers. We will post up manageable deadlines for submission (end of winter) so that we can share in the summer of 2015.

This will be presented as a journal – a collection of original pieces with content that resonates the experience of northern Michigan, shares a glimpse into how this region is so treasured. Please note that we will encourage broad readership. We will have a very small editorial panel.

We may have to charge a reading fee but, it won’t be much and a portion will be donated to a conservation fund in the region as follows, “Contributing writers to this edition of Wallon Writers Review have collectively benefitted (name of non profit organization dedicated to preserving the natural beauty. of this region). This allows Walloon Writers Review the ability to collect amd share these writings, and thank our editorial panel. We will send press release with contributing writers name to writers hometown newspaper.

Our first publication may remain digital. We will work locally to determine effective distribution.

Peace and wishes for a delightful winter.


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