First Edition is Finished!

Volume 1 First Edition

Volume 1 First Edition

So excited to share the good news that Walloon Writers Review First Edition is finally done!  Featuring area writers including Randy Evans, Elizabeth O’Donnell, and Bill Chatterson, Walloon Writers Review First Edition will be available for purchase next week.  Watch for updates on how to purchase your copy!

Walloon Writers Review would like to thank contributing authors for their exciting pieces.  This First Edition also features poetry by Jennelle Roberts, an essay by Christopher J. Anastasi, and a vivid capture of the essence of life in the north by Robert Fawcett.

In this edition of Walloon Writers Review, we are encouraging readers to join the contributing writers and staff in supporting the valuable work of Tip of the Mitt Watershed Council.   See the inside back cover for more information or visit

– editor


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