Join Walloon Writers Review in helping Tip of the Mitt Watershed Council Win!

On the heels of the good news that Great Lakes protection budget seems for now to be secure in the national budget, Patagonia and Moosejaw Charity Thing have picked two organizations we applaud and support for a winning matching fund pool.

Since Walloon Writers Review began, we have donated a portion of all Submittable fees paid by writers and photographers from our Call For Submissions, along with the checks we received directly, to Tip of the Mitt Watershed Council, a non profit organization that works diligently to protect the waters here in this part of Michigan. The fundraiser is exciting and you can find out more on….hoping this link works but it’s also up on our FB page and via our Twitter feed. Join us in supporting this terrific hard working group.

Also on our radar is the Alliance for the Great Lakes, also awesome non-profit working to raise awareness of this unique resource, tracking legislation and hosting a plethora of campaigns & activities that impacts the health and access to our amazing and FRAGILE Great Lakes.

BUT…..they are competing against each other in this fundraiser!! But, either way, we all need to be a part of this.

And how ’bout it-Patagonia and Moosejaw and Crowdrise! Thank you!

Ya just can’t lose either way…can you drop your coffee money in the tin? Coffee is all about the water you use to make it… for more information and for more information



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