Getting ready for Fourth Edition

When you thumb through the stories, poetry and photography in our magazine, you might get that sense of awe you feel standing before the blue waters of Walloon, Charlevoix, Little Traverse Bay, the Straits and Superior. You may remember the waft of pine or cedar after the last rainfall. Maybe you’ll swear you just heard a screen door shut or the unmistakable sound of gravel and sand as you hiked up the two track or trail.

Between our pages, we hope you gain a sense of celebration of the natural beauty of this part of Northern Michigan or an inkling of pride in having been here to experience it first hand and a smile as you read the impressions so creatively shared by people like you.

Before we open the doors for the next edition, our Fourth, a few memories to share. We started just looking for an accessible, family shareable place to gather these impressions, memories, and inspired stories. There is no other place like this and we all feel drawn to be here, come back here or remember our best days in the water or in the snow. We started very small and very homemade. Our Fourth edition will be bigger, larger format, more pages and more inclusive as we have had to turn away a lot of good writing.

Our photography will remain in color but the high gloss finish will step back slightly due to cost. Quality and integrity of the photography is preserved, but less magazine-like. This larger edition will again include young writers who have been recognized by the community for their exceptional entry.

We have been honored to include nationally recognized talent and first time in print authors, writers and photographers. We hope you’re name will be included next.

Word count on stories increases to 3,800. Each entry will require a Submission fee. Our publication will be available in NOVEMBER, in time for holiday gift giving.

Watch for our Call for Submissions and thank you!


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