Call For Submissions Begins Wednesday, August 1 – September 1!


Share your legend, your adventure, your story, poem or musings about Northern Michigan and the Upper Peninsula with our readers!  We are pleased to announce the Fourth Edition Call for Submissions begins Wednesday, August 1st.

We have been amazed at the talented creative writing that comes our way and the jaw dropping images captured by professional cameras and mobile phones alike.  With so many social media outreaches, we are pleased to remind everyone that Walloon Writers Review was established to create an opportunity for amateur writers/photographers to professionals to share their story, moment, vision, memories, considerations and shout outs to this amazing region in print.

We hope to add to the cacophony of magazines & books laying about, with various book marks holding the place of a reader who’s off on a hike, paddling or hoisting the sail, spotting their grandkids or cousins as they fly off screaming into the cool and luscious waters of this region.  We hope you enjoyed what you read in previous editions and toss your hat in the ring.

Walloon Writers Review is honored to include original creative writing and photography.  All rights remain with the author/artist.  We are expanding this edition – please be a part of it!  Your accompanying photo to your story may be included.  We will accept no more than three submissions from each person.  Reprints are welcome with appropriate permission.

Kindly consider that these magazines are available to all ages and include writing by elementary, middle and high school students who won first place in the Crooked Tree Arts Center 15th Annual Juried Young Writers Exposition in Petoskey, Michigan this year.

Please join us!  See our Call for Submissions page.



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