First Time Submissions Welcome!

Walloon Writers Review Call for Submissions is underway and if you have never submitted your writing or photography for publication, this is a great opportunity!

Many of us have stayed on the sidelines, unsure of how our story or poem will be received. It’s a little nerve-wracking and exciting all mixed together. Start with you and your creativity!

Here’s the 411 on submissions for our publication;

  • We include a mix of published and previously unpublished writers/photographers
  • Walloon Writers Review is a good place for your Northern Michigan or UP inspired story, poem, essay or photo
  • Photos from most phone cameras work!
  • There is no specific format, so no need to get too caught up in trying to match previous entries.
  • We limit word count to 4,000 words but your piece can certainly be shorter.
  • There just isn’t staff to give feedback so when you send it in, you will hear back from us either way but not with notes.
  • Deadline is firm for this edition …September 1st!
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