More about our Collection of Contributors…

Andrea DeJean contributed “Secret Migration, Silent” for our Fourth Edition.  She writes:  The poem was inspired by my many years spent on Black Lake, between Onaway and Cheboygan, and by one winter in particular during ice-fishing season while visiting my parents (who built a home on the lake in 1978 after having rented summer cabins there starting in 1961).  And while my emotional attachment to Black Lake in particular and to the Northern Michigan region in general remains strong, I am a permanent resident of France and have been for the past 25 years.  I am the translator of a book on biodiversity and have published my own poetry and creative fiction and non-fiction in both independent and university affiliated journals

CJ Giroux’s rich poem, “Cloudburst” catches your breath and is found on page 38 of Walloon Writers Review Fourth Edition.  CJ Giroux is a lifelong resident of Michigan.  He teaches at Saginaw Valley State University where he serves as assistant director of its writing center and editor of the community journal, Still Life.

Artist Katrina Valuyeva shared her exquisite photograph, “Pictured Rocks Shore” for our Fourth Edition.  Katrina Valuyeva works in healthcare in parallel with a self-taught art practice with a focus on metalsmithing as well as occasional photography.  She was born in Russia, grew up in Brooklyn, NY and found a permanent home in Indianapolis, Indiana.


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