Announcing College Student Staff Opportunity with Walloon Writers Review

Paid Student Opportunity/’Internship’ with Walloon Writers Review Petoskey, Michigan

Extremely part-time, flexible schedule student internship opportunity (10 weeks, 5 hours most weeks) from August 1 through October 15, 2019.  This is a mostly “remote” work from home internship – works well with other jobs!

Student Opportunity for Walloon Writers Review Fifth Edition

We are seeking a Student Staffer for our upcoming edition.  This position is part time, can be worked with flexible scheduling with attention to set deadlines.   You’ll need to be available for some productivity almost every week, but WWR will be flexible for travel or other event schedule.

The Staff person in this position can expect to:

  • Assist editor in Call for Submissions announcements;
  • Provide general email communication to interested parties;
  • Collect and preview writing submissions for our upcoming Fifth Edition;
  • Assist in organization of layout and proofreading of draft;
  • Assist in advanced promotion through traditional and social media channels.

Skills you will need:

  • Excellent writing and communications skills;
  • Strong reading, interpretation and analysis skills;
  • Experience and interest in creative writing;
  • Positive communication style and ability to interact with the community and represent a positive part of the writing and creative community ;
  • First hand experience of living in or visiting Northern Michigan and or the Upper Peninsula with some frequency

Experience you will gain:

  • Working for a publication
  • Interacting with the public with regards to creative writing and submissions
  • Reading, proofreading, minor editing and review of quality writing submissions
  • Participating in review, analysis and selection of quality submissions that meet Walloon Writers Review criteria
  • Promotional activities via social media channels, interaction with the community and representation of a high quality publication intended for general audiences.

Preferences:  The ideal candidate would be a college student at a Michigan college or university, a graduate of a Michigan high school that attends college or university out of state,  or recent student.  Must have a passion for writing and reading, have taken college level writing and literature classes, and demonstrate achievement in these classes.  This is an Equal Opportunity organization.  The position requires the ability to access the internet and access to a laptop, ipad/tablet or computer.  This is not an office position, no place to report to on a regular basis with the exception of monthly staff meeetings.  No administrative staff will be supporting and we will have our staff meetings in a convenient, coffee/chai latte/tea friendly location, included in the hours described – to be determined.

Walloon Writers Review started in 2014 and publishes a literary magazine focused on Northern Michigan and the Upper peninsula in writing and photography from a broad spectrum of contributors.  The literary magazine is published annually and has grown to over 80 pages.   Rate of pay is $10/hour  – with total compensation reaching $500.00 for the internship.  This is a Staff position.

Please send a letter of interest and resume to:



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