Thank you!

Walloon Writers Review has completed its annual Call for Submissions and, Wow! We are excited to get to work!

Thank you for sending in your creative writing and photography and for sharing our information with others who might be interested.

So, now what happens?

As much as it would be wonderful to include every thing, we are limited on space and try to choose a broad variety of styles, voices, perspectives and selections that stand apart in how they capture this region. We typically receive really creative, well thought out materials by talented people. It’s exciting!

We will contact all submitters with our final decision. Keep an eye on the e-mail you used to submit your material. It takes a while to thoroughly review, discuss, debate, and select final pieces. There is a review process that ensures your work will be thoroughly reviewed several times by more than one reviewer.

While we can’t promise a specific date, we hope to have our Fifth Edition out by the first part of November.

We are honored to receive your submission. Thank you for helping make Walloon Writers Review so exciting and unique!


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