Cover of Walloon Writers Review edition 6

WALLOON WRITERS REVIEW edition 6 just released the print edition and it’s on the shelves at area independent bookstores throughout Northern Michigan and beyond! This exciting collection, edited by our Associate Editor Glen Young, focuses on nature and has a few nice surprises… including opening with a selection from a poem by Jim Harrison, “Solstice Litany: Part 5”, (reprinted with permission).

Setting the tone for an enjoyable read for general audiences, this edition features mostly Michigan writers and photographers, with a few included who spend time here seasonally, used to live here and or have ties to the region. Walloon Writers Review proudly includes the award winning selections from the 2020 Crooked Tree Arts Center Juried Young Writers Exposition in a special section.

This edition features the following contributors:

Priscilla Atkins, Elizabeth J. Bates,
James J. Bogan, Jr., Yuan Changming, Thomas Ford Conlan,
Nancy Cook, Art Curtis, Lisa Fosmo, CJ Giroux, Grace
Giroux, Jonathan Jordan, Deda Kavanagh, Kelly Kazmierski,
James P. Lenfestey, John Lennon, Ellen Lord, Chris Lucka,
Raymond Luczak, Kenneth Pobo, Kacey Riley, Katherine
Roth, Melissa Seitz, Shelley B. Smithson, Bev Steckert,
Phillip Sterling, Edd Tury, Karen Walker, Michael S. Walker,
Allen M. Weber, Buff Whitman-Bradley and Glen Young.

This edition is our longest at 104 pages and the selected photography is in four color. Walloon Writers Review is meant to share which is why we release in print. Feel comfortable leaving your copy on the cottage bookshelf, back porch magazine table – it is suitable for general audience and captures the unique experiences of up North.

If you are out of state or in an area where an independent bookstore is hard to reach or you are just not ready to get out and shop yet, you can order a copy from and select an independent bookstore to benefit from your purchase up here or where you are to order. We ran a test on this and ordered a copy for a reader in Arizona and her copy arrived quickly and in excellent condition.


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