Summer At It’s Best

Kitch iti kipi – Simply amazing

Diving into cool water, dropping a line in to catch a fish, hopping on bikes and discovering new pathways, flying across the water as sails snap in strong winds, zinging along dirt trails on ATV’s, walking along the shoreline – inland, island, Great Lake or river – exploring the endless treasures and sites we always hoped we would find time to see, this summer has been amazing up here.

We feel the shift in the sunlight this week, noted by the golden color of the sand in the afternoon, wildflowers and cattails towering over the mailboxes, earlier sunsets and slightly shorter days. The meteor shower has ended but the night sky continues to send shooting stars across the black silk of space, constellations ever present and stars so bright, they look like they are ripe for picking.

This moment, the last few weeks of the season, offer time for reflection, fun, focus on getting that last trip in or sharing time with family and friends before the harvest, work, school, and endless schedules begin… time to savor the taste of an ice cream cone, s’mores, fresh whitefish and salmon dinners or a charred hot dog off the campfire.

The lake is calling

We usually gather in fall to share our stories, our poetry and spectacular photography – all inspired by the magnificence of this region. This year, we will be starting our Call for Submissions later in the season as the brilliance of the leaves turns, and just before the rain or snow! hits. Enjoy every minute…every adventure.

Please keep an eye out for an update sometime in September, with plenty of time to make ready your submissions. Right now, the sun is shining, the water is clear and the best of the summer is in full swing. Enjoy every second of it.


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