Walloon Writers Review gathers interesting creative writing and photography from published and previously unpublished authors and photographers with a mission of offering a collection of exceptional original writing and photography that reflects upon contemporary themes.  Regional in nature, Walloon Writers Review strives to capture the experience and the passionate inspiration of northern Michigan.  Last year, we expanded our reach to Michigan’s UP.

Original creative writing and photography submitted to the magazine for consideration is reviewed without identifiers for objectivity, and the results from this open call method have attracted exciting materials.  While not all can be included, Walloon Writers Review uses the guidelines of our mission, our audience/readers and experience to select the final published items.

While no remuneration will be offered for sharing your materials, we send a complimentary copy to authors/artists included in the edition.  Your submission implies that you are the originator of the material and you alone have the right to submit to the magazine for publication and to be included in promotional materials (online, FB page, Twitter, blogs, advertising digitally and in print, and all known media tools of promotion).  You have the ability to retract your submission up until 30 days before publication. Just let us know by email and we will confirm.

Every effort is made to protect work published in the magazine and therefore, we ask all photography to include a copyright symbol.  We will not be publishing online to avoid skimming of original brilliant materials – but ultimately the rights to the materials are yours.  Protect them!  We include your copyright on photography used for promotion.

Thank you for reading, sharing and submitting your creative, original work to help us achieve this mission.

-Walloon Writers Review
Jennifer Huder editor

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