About Walloon Writers Review

When someone mentions Up North, Northern Michigan or the UP, (Upper Michigan, if you’re from Wisconsin) , there probably is a great story ready to tell or incredible photo to share.  The impression of this region speaks to some in words that flow into poetry, essays, exciting tales of adventure or short stories and for others its a passionate pursuit of incredible nature photography.  Walloon Writers Review is an annual publication that collects and shares contributed stories, poetry, creative writing and nature photography inspired by or about Northern Michigan and the Upper Peninsula.

This place is very special to so many.  For some, its a life time of memories of coming up this way for family vacations, for others, this is home.  Whether your experience with Northern Michigan or Michigan’s Upper Peninsula is a chance meeting, a trip for a wedding, to Mackinac Island, Tahquamenon Falls or camping, hunting, fishing, snowboarding, cross country skiing, downhill skiing, canoeing, kayaking, swimming, snowmobiling, golf, hiking, exploring or work, or just to see first hand what beauty attracts such as response.

We agree and hope you will share your creative writing and photography with others in our annual literary magazine.

Walloon Writers Review is an independent literary magazine focused on Northern Michigan and the Upper Peninsula.  We will be presenting our Fifth Edition in November, 2019!  Consider submitting your materials during our Call for Submissions, which will begin around August 1, 2019 and end around September 5th, 2019.

Be sure to check out our Fourth Edition, available in several independent bookstores including:  McLean & Eakin – Petoskey; Between The Covers – Harbor Springs; Saturn Booksellers – Gaylord; Horizon Books – Traverse City;  Purple Tree Books – Cheboygan; The Bookman – Grand Haven; Readers World – Holland!  Check it out this summer!

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Information can be obtained by writing:  Walloon Writers Review P.O. Box 2460 Petoskey, MI  49770 or email editor@walloonwriters.com.