Walloon Writers Review is pleased to announce we are accepting submissions for our upcoming Edition 6, to be published as an E-edition late 2020. We will begin accepting submissions on August 25 – September 30, 2020.

In this time of global pandemic and social unrest, we understand how art can calm.  We therefore encourage submissions that demonstrate how the calm and the colors of the region might salve some of our collective troubles. Walloon Writers Review is an independent contemporary literary magazine focused on Northern Michigan and the Upper Peninsula. We seek original stories, poetry, creative writing and photography inspired by the natural beauty and distinctive experience of this region.

Unfortunately, we can not include all submissions, nor do we have the staff to provide individual feedback, though each submission is carefully considered.   

All North American Rights are retained by authors and photographers and by submitting materials, selected contributors agree to allow publication, use for promotional purposes and distribution of their submission by Walloon Writers Review. 

Please note the following: 

  • Our word count to 4,000 words maximum 
  • Please limit to 3 submissions
  • Photography must be submitted with a copyright symbol or request for us to add one.
  • Walloon Writers Review is an all-ages accessible publication and will not accept adult content, material that steps outside of our focus or is solely politically motivated/adult themed/graphic materials. 
  • Northern Michigan and the Upper Peninsula is our focus.    
  • Nature photography taken in Northern Michigan and the UP is welcome but, should not include people. Your watermark or copyright symbol must be added before we can include you photography. Since we are online only this edition, kindly send in a maximum of three for consideration.  Email 

Walloon Writers Review is an independent literary magazine published annually that focuses on the incredible northern Michigan and Upper Peninsula region. All contents are published with permission of original author/artist and all rights are retained by the contributor. No compensation can be offered as this project is self sustaining with a little help from the founder.

Editors Note: Photographers: We do not set specific parameters on size of image or pixels, camera or phone, settings, etc. and recently have unfortunately had a couple of disappointing results with color variations in our reprinting on paper of these amazing photographs. In our e-edition, we hope to avoid any variation, but this is new territory. Please take into consideration before submitting your beautiful work that variations in color can happen, are not due to retouching by Walloon Writers Review, our publisher Mission Point Press or our printer. Walloon Writers Review is not responsible for those variations. Your art is very important and we strive to achieve the best quality possible.


Submit your Northern Michigan and UP inspired original creative short story, poetry, or other form or nature photography as follows:

All submissions for this edition should be emailed to:

Please include a brief note with your name as it should be published if included and your mailing address (private), email address and if possible, phone. Contact information is for Walloon Writers Review use only. Include a brief bio….two paragraphs max, and, of course, your submission. Limit three. Specifically formatted poetry should be submitted in .pdf format. Photography should include a copyright symbol. If you can not add it to your photography, include on a separate page.

We will forgo reading fee for this edition only. We will notify you of our decision either way. Expect to hear from us in early November, barring anymore 2020…We have in the past accepted submissions that may be held for a next edition due to space.

Thank you! We are so excited to see your submissions!