Just that fast…it’s August!

Summer has been spectacular so far…the blue waters have been cool but delightfully refreshing, the sky has been amazing, kids have shrieked and laughed…and who could ask for a more incredible place to be?

Walloon Writers Review is an independent literary journal rooted in Northern Michigan.  Our mission is to provide an avenue for writers and photographers to share their passion and their art with the community.  We are proud to remind everyone that our 2nd Edition Deadline is September 5th!

To encourage new writers and artists, please note that we do not retain any rights, instead, upon acceptance for publication, we will ask you to provide written permission to publish your work.

Our theme is Northern Michigan – but that doesn’t mean you have to live in Northern Michigan…just keep that common thread in your work.  Maybe you are here for the summer, maybe you just drove through for the first time.  It’s inspiring and the creativity the natural surroundings bring forth needs a place to go…

We use Submittable to stay (somewhat) organized and consistent in communication.  Our earlier post this year indicated a $2.00 reading fee, however, our print costs and distribution bump us to $5.00.  We will however, make another donation with a portion of the reading fee to a non-profit nature conservancy organization, one with a mission of preserving the spectacular natural setting around us.  Last year, we donated to Tip of the Mitt Watershed Council.

Please join us in growing this exciting print publication!







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