Call For Submissions is on now!

Welcoming your submissions – and encouraging you to consider sharing with us.

Three thousand words can paint a picture of the glorious day on the rocky shores, the sandy beach, the deep green of a Michigan pine forest or the explosion of stars during a meteor shower.  Three thousand words can set the tone of the family legends, create the stirring felt when riding in the backseat a seeming million miles away to this magical place we call Northern Michigan and the UP.  It can be captured in fewer words as poetically as it feels.

Your photograph captures the moment, the impression and lingers in the memory of the readers…maybe reminds them of a trip, a time or a memory of the joy of experiencing the fresh cold waters, the deep colors of a sunset or magical misty fog in the forests.

This is your time, your chance to share your passion.  We welcome your submission for consideration for Walloon Writers Review Volume 3.  Please keep our deadline of September 30th, 2017 in mind…


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