Lunch Money

Walloon Writers Review is all about Northern Michigan and we want to do our part for our friends, neighbors and service people struggling during the pandemic. Will you join us by donating your “lunch money” to Manna Food Project, who puts food on the table for so many right now?

As writers and artists, we are uniquely qualified to understand difficult economic struggles. We also may not each have a lot to share right now but, if we each donate lunch money, the amount that we would have spent for lunch out on a normal day, our dollars will join together and help to make a difference for families up north.

Walloon Writers Review reached out to Manna Food Project and asked if we could encourage this small fundraiser. They accept Paypal, credit cards or you can send a check when you get a chance. Here’s the direct link to donate:

For our part, Walloon Writers Review is donating the portion of reading fees we set aside each year for a non profit organization that helps preserve the beauty of northern Michigan. Right now, we think it’s the people and their families – the front desk workers, the servers, the bag attendants, housekeeping, paddle board delivery crews, park crew, instructors, ice cream scoopers, the lift attendants who’s season stopped on a dime, bartenders, boat renters, and everyone involved in getting fudge into our bellies every summer – who need our creative community to join together and share what we can. We know that each time we step out to enjoy the beauty of Northern Michigan and the UP, there are a lot of people who make the journey to our destination pleasant and memorable.

Thank you for helping. Our Creative Community is strong and by coming together, we can help our Northern neighbors in need. If now is not possible, please consider donating to Manna or your local food pantry in the future. Hunger knows no season.

Wishing you safe and healthy days ahead.

-Walloon Writers Review


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