First Days of Fall

Misty morning in Northern Michigan

You are in good company here, with brilliant leaves starting to flutter to the ground and seemingly all seasons temperatures ticking by throughout the day.

There is one week to go in our annual Call For Submissions and we are excited to see our in box active. If you sent something in and DID NOT receive an acknowledgement email, please resend your submission to Like everyone else, we made adjustments to our normal actions for 2020.

A little bird told me that normally quiet outdoor places are still seeing visitors and for many, it is outside where we feel most at home. If a drive is out of reach for you and your family, please visit your yard or a city park. The fresh air, endless natural phenomena and change of season will wrap joy around your soul.

Grateful for your ongoing enthusiasm for our collection of talented writing and photography. Please expect to hear from us again soon!

We post photos on Instagram, post and re-post amazing photos of the region on our FB page and call this a politics free zone. Here, you can breathe, tap into good feelings and know that we are all part of a creative comminity. Insights, art, stories, reflections and moments in nature captured in words woven like silk flow through our contributors. It can all be delightful in the face of the drudgery.

As always, Walloon Writers Review attempts to capture and share original creative writing and nature photography inspired by and about northern Michigan and the Upper Peninsula. No experience required.


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