edition 6

Walloon Writers Review announces the following writers and photographers will be featured in the upcoming Walloon Writers Review edition 6 ! This digital edition is expected out in December!

Priscilla Atkins

Elizabeth J. Bates

James J. Bogan, Jr.

 Jim Bolone

yuan changming

Thomas Ford Conlan

Nancy Cook

Art Curtis

Lisa Fosmo

CJ Giroux

Grace Giroux

Jonathan Jordan

Deda Kavanagh

Kelly Kazmierski

James P. Lenfestey

John Lennon

Ellen Lord

Chris Lucka

Raymond Luczak

Kenneth Pobo

Kacey Riley

Katherine Roth

Melissa Seitz

Shelley B. Smithson

Bev Steckert

Philip D. Sterling

Edd Tury

Karen Walker

Michael S. Walker

Allen M. Weber

Buff Whitman-Bradley

Glen Young

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