Walloon Writers Review Seventh Edition Contributors Announced!

Walloon Writers Review is pleased to announce the names of the Contributors included in the upcoming release of Walloon Writers Review Seventh Edition. We are so excited to share this collection and hope you will enjoy the materials included by these talented writers and photographers as much as we do.

Watch for our Release Date announcement coming soon!

We are honored to share this list of contributors who make our upcoming 182-page edition exceptional.

Walloon Writers Review Seventh Edition Contributors:

  • Susan Allen
  • Michele Austin
  • Elizabeth J. Bates
  • Milton J. Bates
  • Joyce Brinkman
  • Tamar Charney
  • Emily Colby
  • Thomas Ford Conlan
  • Art Curtis
  • Jim Daniels
  • Bonnie Dankert
  • S.D. Dillon
  • Lauren Driscoll
  • Lisa Fosmo
  • Hailey French
  • CJ Giroux
  • Grace Giroux
  • Laura Story Johnson
  • Deda Kavanagh
  • Susan Kirt
  • Katy Klimczuk
  • Candace J. Lee
  • James P. Lenfestey
  • John Lennon
  • Ellen Lord
  • Raymond Luczak
  • Paul Maxbauer
  • Marsha Jane Orr
  • Charles Rammelkamp
  • Greg Rappleye
  • Russell Reece
  • F.W. “Skip” Renker
  • Jennifer Uehlein Reynolds
  • Philip Rice
  • Christine Saari
  • Melissa Seitz
  • Moon Seagren
  • Joseph Slaney
  • Shelley Smithson
  • Phillip Sterling
  • Edy Stoughton
  • Patricia Trentacoste
  • Taylor Tucker
  • Edd Tury
  • Tara Vancil
  • Robert Vivian
  • Karen Walker * Cover Photography Artist
  • Ellen Schettling Whitehead
  • Gabriel Wilder
  • Glen Young

Special Section: Winners of the 2021 19th Annual Crooked Tree Arts Center Juried Young Writers Exposition


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