2023: Strange Start to the New Year

2023 is an odd one for sure. You may have heard that we’re missing the snow that piled up to the top of the mailbox and brought all the thrills of deep drifts to region in November and into December, and then, just as quickly, disappeared. Up in the UP, however, that magical part of our region is full throttle into winter…they’re deep into it with more snow to fall this week! Need a fix? Head up over da bridge and go play in it! For those of us who troll under the Big Mac, as we all say, stick around…it’s sure to change again in 10 minutes or so. Skiers: thank goodness for snowmaking machines!

Our literary magazine is off to a strange start, as well. Our 2023 planning schedule has been tossed and we start planning sessions all over due to the Clobber 19 virus that apparently takes 19 days off you’re life, disrupts your brain and obliterates deadlines, plans and just costs a lot money. We all share this awful chapter one way or another. It’s a good reminder to get outside, get fresh air, breathe in the pines, look for some stars, and wave to the deer just for kicks.

Today is an important observance of Martin Luther King, Junior, who delivered one of the most passionate and incredible speeches to all Americans. While he didn’t write the speech alone, his goals and insights shaped a draft to a final powerful impassioned call to action. Ample opportunities to learn more about diversity, equality and inclusion are finally bursting through mainstream outlets. Outstanding articles and books are readily available at all at our delightful book stores and online as well. It’s a good time to peruse a different perspective. Walloon Writers Review strives to be inclusive to all who interact with our publication and our company and we are learning how to do this in a more meaningful and comprehensive manner.

Also for readers, today marks another important date: Don Quixote was published over 400 years ago on January 16, 1605 and is listed as one of the first complete novels ever. #amwriting fans will be inspired – over 500 million copies have been sold to date. Think of how many languages!

Here at Walloon Writers Review, we are using our time to get rolling. While we are not presently tilting at windmills, we are aiming for an exciting Eighth edition of this collection of northern Michigan stories, poetry and nature photography. We are so honored that poet and writer Glen Young will continue his role for this upcoming edition!

So, eventually, you can expect to hear a Call For Submissions alert —ummm – soon-ish. Our theme for this upcoming edition is Exploration. While intentionally vague, we think this theme may serve as one that opens the door to new perspectives on the amazing northern Michigan and Upper Peninsula region. Explore for yourself and /or share your exploration with our readers.

Our theme is optional – a guidepost for where you may let your creativity take you. Let’s examine Exploration as the theme for this upcoming edition: Maybe you would like to get started already. Maybe the theme doesn’t really work for you or you already prepared your selection for this upcoming edition. Not to worry. Our collection will not be limited or organized around this theme but, it seems to apply. There are so many things to explore in this great part of the world!

We will update you on timeline and you’ll hear the Call For Submissions in the first quarter with plenty of time to decide your course of action. We do not anticipate publishing or distributing before summer.

To keep our community up to date, we would like to ramp up Updates from Contributors! What a great way to let others know what you’ve been up to since we last read or saw your piece! Please feel free to email book covers and release dates, inclusion in other publications, news and exciting awards you would like to share with everyone to editor@walloonwriters.com.

Thanks to everyone for your interest and support of Walloon Writers Review. Have a question? Suggestion? Feel free to reach out to editor@walloonwriters.com.

Be well –

Jennifer Huder, Founding Editor


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