We have gathered an exciting collection of original poetry, short stories, reflections and nature photography from the following writers and photographers. While most are from Michigan, we also welcome and include those with strong ties to this great region.  

With great appreciation to the following for allowing us to share their talents with you, here is our list:


Kate Allore

Elizabeth J. Bates

Milton J. Bates

Suzi Banks Baum

James Bogan

Monique Bova

Thomas Ford Conlan

Art Curtis

Mono D’Angelo

Dan Dueweke

Linda Nemec Foster

Hailey French

CJ Giroux

Katie Gray

Sheryl Greene

Isabella Gross

Caroline Helmstadt

Betsy Hayhow Hemming

Stephen Hooper

Deda Kavanagh

Taylor Keiser

Kelly Suzanne Kelley

Elizabeth Kerlikowske

Bridget Klaasen

Katy Klimczuk

Gloria Klinger

Katie Koziara

James Lenfestey

Jeanne Blum Lesinski

Ellen Lord

Raymond Luczak

Paul Maxbauer

Karen Nemecek

Doug Pfaff

Jeremy Proehl

Greg Rappleye

F.W. “Skip” Renker

Jennifer Uehlein Reynolds

Philip Rice

Carol Ritter

Katherine Roth

Kim Ruley

David “DJ” Savarese

Ralph James Savarese

Gary Merrill Schils

Moon Seagren

Melissa Seitz

Becky Serrano

Michael Sipkoski

K. Matthew Springfield

Edd Tury

Robert Vivian

Karen Walker

Lindsay Way

Neil White

Ellen Schettling Whitehead

Sara Wright

Glen Young

Greg Young

Watch for Walloon Writers Review Eighth Edition Release Date – June, 2023!


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