Leap Into March

Yesterday, the elusive 29th of February brought ideas of fantastic adventures in time portals that only reveal themselves on this calendar catch up day.

Last year at Walloon just around the break of Spring

A hint of new beginnings prompts many of us to stretch our creative souls, come out from hibernation of elegant tea, amber ales and deep red wine aside the fire as we delve into books we stacked up all year to read.

Up north, March is everyseason rolled into one. But, the snow looks different, the mud season begins, coffee is to keep up the war against ice patches and yet more snow. Interesting events start popping up on calendars and they seem less treacherous to consider.

As you start your spring preparation, planning for Northern Michigan and UP adventures, remember to share your ideas on paper…plant seeds for the story or poem you hope to share come September.

Check back and stay in touch as we roll out readings from Walloon Writers Review contributors around the state to bring a reminder of the inspiring beauty of Northern Michigan and the UP closer to you.

‘Everyone wants a place where they feel safe,’ says Joy Harjo, the first Native American U.S. poet laureate – The Washington Post

She says our global community is at a dire environmental moment in our collective history.
— Read on www.washingtonpost.com/lifestyle/magazine/everyone-wants-a-place-where-they-feel-safe-says-joy-harjo-the-first-native-american-us-poet-laureate/2020/01/10/6e0f474e-0281-11ea-8501-2a7123a38c58_story.html

“It’s whats inside that counts….”

…yes, but, the cover photography by Melissa Seitz …

Between the covers of Walloon Writers Review Fifth Edition, readers can expect to find a journey of reflections from across the Upper Peninsula, hopscotching the islands that rest between then a burst from the northern lower. Northern Michigan and the UP in words and photography captured creatively by writers and photographers inspired by the natural beauty and the unique experiences of the region.

We are very honored to have incredibly talented contributors to our Fifth Edition. Check out the complete list of contributors in our earlier post. For the next several weeks, check out short highlights about each contributor!

The cricket in the corner chirps as the coffee percolates. Acorns hit the roof like artillery.

Amy zaranek “Guardian of the Northern lakes”
Walloon writers Review fifth edition

Amy Zaranek is an MFA student at Ashland University, where she is also the lead editor of creative nonfiction for The Black Fork Review. Her writing attempts to examine the issues of sustainability and agriculture in contemporary America. She lives and writes in Northern Michigan. Amy contributed the short story quoted above, “Guardian of the Northern Lakes”.

“…the slap of a wave against the boards or the hull of a boat, the dragon flies and the strident song of the cicadas crying out that all of this is passing,…”


Robert Vivian is the author of The Tall Grass Trilogy, Water and Abandon and two meditative essay collections, Cold Snap As Yearning and The Least Cricket of Evening. His first poetry book is called Mystery My Country — and he’s co-written a second called Traversings with the poet Richard Jackson. He teaches at Alma College and as a core faculty member at The Vermont College of Fine Arts. His next book, coming out in 2020, is called All I Feel is Rivers. The above quote is taken from “Ever A Firefly” on page 22 of Walloon Writers Review Fifth Edition.

Contributors to Walloon Writers Review retain the rights to their own work. The quotes above are from Walloon Writers Review Fifth Edition and protected by copyright.

Wow! Walloon Writers Review Fifth Edition is available right now in stores and online!

Stunning cover photography by Melissa Seitz

Walloon Writers Review has hit the shelves at McLean & Eakin Booksellers in Petoskey, Between the Covers in Harbor Springs and Saturn Booksellers in Gaylord!

You can shop in person or you can order your copy of Walloon Writers Review Fifth Edition in time for the holidays from our independent bookstore friends! 103 pages of amazing writing and photography about and inspired by Northern Michigan and the Upper Peninsula!

Out of the area? Order Online!

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Enjoy incredible poetry, stories, creative writing and beautiful nature photography by Michigan authors and photographers and those outside the area who have ties to the region or make the trek for adventure, family, vacation, or just to see the incredible beauty of this amazing region.

Walloon Writers Review features exceptional creative writing and photography by well-known and first time in print contributors. Available in paperback only – we hope you will share our independent literary magazine with writers, readers, photographers, campers, fishers, boaters, beachers, stone hunters, flyers, skiers, snowboarders, hikers, bikers, fudgies, trolls, yoopers, sailors, skippers, walkers, runners, ferry riders, falls seekers, sunset and sunrise watchers, and anyone you know who loves it up here! The magazine is edited by founder Jennifer Huder and Associate Editor Glen Young and is suitable for a general audience.

Many thanks to our independent booksellers across Michigan for supporting Michigan-made books and literary magazines including Walloon Writers Review! Walloon Writers Review is based in Petoskey, Michigan.

Please stop by back for more places to buy your copy as they become confirmed!

Walloon Writers Review Fifth Edition is on its way to bookstores now!

Cover Photograph by Melissa Seitz

Walloon Writers Review is proud to announce the release of our Fifth Edition! On its way to bookstores now, this unique collection of Northern Michigan & Upper Peninsula inspired poetry, short stories, creative writing (lyrics!) and nature photography features Michigan writers and Michigan photographers, along with those who have ties or spent time in the region.

Bursting with images painted in words, soaring photography and moments of reflection unique to this incredible region, readers will experience well published contributors reflecting on this theme alongside emerging talent. We are honored to have a blend of both.

We encourage you to read the special section of award-winning poetry and prose from Crooked Tree Arts Center 17th Annual Young Writers Juried Exposition. Walloon Writers Review supports this event to encourage the exciting young talent emerging from the north.

Check out the continuing updates on Where To Find Walloon Writers Review Fifth Edition tab and follow the continued successes of our contributors and other notable events on our Creative Community page! Thank you to everyone who submitted materials for this edition. A donation will be announced of the portion of all reading fees collected for our Fifth edition.

Thank you for your help in growing this lit magazine dedicated to celebrating Northern Michigan and the Upper Peninsula!

Walloon Writers Review Fifth Edition Contributors

We are honored to announce the Walloon Writers Review Fifth Edition contributors:

Joyce Brinkman
Tim Chilcote
Rick Fowler
CJ Giroux
Grace Giroux
Steve Hooper
Steven W. Huder
Deda Kavanagh
Kelly Tingle Kazmierski
John Lennon
Ellen Lord
Raymond Luczak
Helen Raica-Klotz
Charles Rammelkamp
Greg Rappleye
Skip Renker
Nancy Renko
David Anthony Sam
Melissa Seitz
Jan Shoemaker
Shelley Smithson
Phillip Sterling
Edy Stoughton
Taylor Tucker
Edd Tury
Steve Ullom
Robert Vivian
Glen Young
Amy Zaranek

Check back for our official release!

Thank you!

Walloon Writers Review has completed its annual Call for Submissions and, Wow! We are excited to get to work!

Thank you for sending in your creative writing and photography and for sharing our information with others who might be interested.

So, now what happens?

As much as it would be wonderful to include every thing, we are limited on space and try to choose a broad variety of styles, voices, perspectives and selections that stand apart in how they capture this region. We typically receive really creative, well thought out materials by talented people. It’s exciting!

We will contact all submitters with our final decision. Keep an eye on the e-mail you used to submit your material. It takes a while to thoroughly review, discuss, debate, and select final pieces. There is a review process that ensures your work will be thoroughly reviewed several times by more than one reviewer.

While we can’t promise a specific date, we hope to have our Fifth Edition out by the first part of November.

We are honored to receive your submission. Thank you for helping make Walloon Writers Review so exciting and unique!

Call For Submissions is Underway!


This incredible photography came from Harbor Springs artist and photographer NEIL AHRENS, and as you can see, was selected for our Second Edition.  We appreciate the  timelessness, movement, passion and stunning artistry captured here and proudly published this submission prominently on the cover.  Walloon Writers Review is honored to share this.

Outstanding photography alongside excellent writing makes our literary magazine special and our regional focus makes us unique.  We know the Call For Submissions can be a little nerve wracking but, hopefully also exciting!

Please share your Northern Michigan and Upper Peninsula photography for consideration for our upcoming  Fifth Edition.  We display your copyright symbol, you retain the rights and we hope you enjoy knowing how each photo included is considered for its individual artistic merit, then placed among poetry, short stories, and other creative writing.  We are a print publication, giving long legs and a long life to your contribution to this unique collection of Northern Michigan and UP inspired creativity.

See our Submissions information on the next tab for more information!


Creative writers and photographers looking to publish their Northern Michigan and Upper Peninsula inspired stories, poetry and photography may submit their materials for consideration to Walloon Writers Review between August 1 and September 6th, 2019.  

Walloon Writers Review has featured nationally recognized and first time in print contributors over the past five years including:  Jan Shoemaker, Randy Evans, Carol Oberg, Tom Conlan, Suzie Banks Baum, Melissa Seitz, Neil Ahrens, Erica Steinweg, Mike Schlitt, Linda Gall, Brett Allen, Glen Young, , Melissa Kutsche, Thor Bacon, CJ Giroux, Phillip Sterling, Katrina Valuyeva, Barbara McGaw, Robert Vivian, Sharon Ruff, Kelly Tingle Kazmierski, Paul Doty, Susan Hughes, Larry Parrott, Robert Fawcett, Mary Spadoni, and more.  


The literary magazine recently welcomed Glen Young as the new Associate Editor For the upcoming edition. Founder and editor Jennifer Huder shares the goal of Walloon Writers Review:


“This is an opportunity for writers and photographers to share their writing and photos inspired by this beautiful region and for readers who celebrate “all things Northern Michigan and the UP” to enjoy.  Each edition is a collection of impressions, images and reflections uniquely focused on this amazing region.”

The deadline for submissions is September 6th, 2019. Guidelines and how to submit writing and photography for consideration are under the Submissions tab. For questions, please email editor@walloonwriters.com.


Walloon Writers Review is published  in print only annually by Mission Point Press Traverse City, Michigan and is sold in independent bookstores.