Walloon Writers Review Seventh Edition….(coming soon!)

Photo by Polina Kovaleva on Pexels.com

Hi friends! While this is NOT our upcoming cover, we are excited to update everyone on our progress for this edition!

We had an enormous response to this recent Call For Submissions! Wow – it’s so exciting to know how many people want to share their northern Michigan and UP reflections, tales, photography and poetry with others. The review period took a very loooong time but please know that we read and reread (viewed and re-viewed) every submission more that a few times around. With such an amazing response, we were honored, but grimly understood that even with expanded capacity, we just couldn’t include it all.

For everyone who took the time to submit one or more of the wonderful creative reflections, memories, thoughts, events and places in northern Michigan and the UP that crossed our desk, thank you for sharing those with us! It was a challenge to make the final selections.

We hope if you missed our Call For Submissions this time around, you’ll sign up for our email list to be notified of our next Call date. ( We don’t send out a lot of emails…like a few each year)

As we are in production right now for Walloon Writers Review Seventh Edition, we hope to stay on track for a late Spring release date! Please keep an eye out for an announcement and as always, we hope you will support independent bookstores throughout the northern Michigan and Upper Peninsula, such as Between The Covers – Harbor Springs, McLean & Eakin – Petoskey, Horizon Books – Traverse City & Cadillac, Bay Books in Suttons Bay, Parallel 45 in Alpena, Adams McAdams in Central Lake, Snowbound Books-Marquette, Island Books – Mackinac Island, (our beloved Saturn Booksellers-Gaylord until 4/1/22), or downstate atThe Bookman – Grand Haven, and Reader’s World in Holland!

We are also honored to be available at Bookshop.org, BarnesandNoble.com and Amazon.com.


Walloon Lake Writer’s Retreat – March 4-6th

Writers – check out this exciting event coming up next month. Walloon Lake Writer’s Retreat at Hotel Walloon featuring author Cristen Hemingway Jaynes! The above information shares the details. This is a really neat opportunity for writers… be sure to share the news!

As the sun sets on 2021…

Copyright Walloon Writers Review 2021

We are so grateful to everyone who has supported Walloon Writers Review this year! Thank you so much for your recent submissions for our upcoming edition and for current and previous contributors for sharing your talents with all of us. Thank you for reading and sharing our collection with friends, family and visitors.

We want to thank all of the independent bookstores for inspiring writers, encouraging readers, sharing stunning books of photography and including Walloon Writers Review and other Michigan focused publications in your stores!

Winter 2022 will bring announcements of final selections and the upcoming release date of our seventh edition of Walloon Writers Review in the Spring. We hope you will continue to join us!

Happy New Year!

Our Call For Submissions is open until tomorrow

Walloon Writers Review will accept your short story, poem(s), nature photography and other creative writing expressions until tomorrow! Please take the time to review the guidelines our Edition 7 editor Glen Young has offered up on the Submissions tab, and follow the link to Submittable. Again, photography submissions are direct to editor@walloonwriters.com.

If you are sending your submissions to multiple outlets, you may withdraw your submission from consideration no later than January 15, 2022. Please email us at editor@walloonwriters.com to request withdrawal. Also, if your work has been published elsewhere already, it it so very important to let us know so that we can obtain proper permissions to re-publish.

Thank you to all of our readers, production and publishing partners, like Mission Point Press in Traverse City, our treasured independent bookstores (listed on our site), our librarians, our readers and our Creative Community of current and former contributors. Happy Holidays, everyone!

Counting Down to December 15th

This may be the perfect weekend to get your submissions in ….the snow is about to come down and really turn the north into the winter wonderland we’ve been waiting for and that means sledding, cookies, hot chocolate, skiing, snowmobiling, hot toddy’s, a tall beer or hot cider, a high fire in the fireplace, a really good book beside a colorful blaze warming the room and cozy evenings.

Our upcoming edition is edited by Glen Young who lead the way in our “edition 6”, lowercase and reversed as a nod to the craziness the world was experiencing at the time of our publication. We have yet to decide if we return to 7th Edition or Edition 7 – either way, be a part of it by sending us your best work.

Glen has welcomed submitters and offered a theme under the Submissions tab and our guidelines are posted as well. No more than three submissions, one fee for three photographs sent directly to us. Email photography to editor@walloonwriters.com.

We are honored by the support we have received from the writing and photography community, independent bookstores and libraries throughout Michigan and of course our staff. For those who have already sent your work to us, thank you so much! We receive all materials and then begin our review.

As always, we are excited to read and see what you send in!

Questions? Email : editor@walloonwriters.com.

What makes Walloon Writers Review so special? Contributors like you!


It’s already that time….Walloon Writers Review is now accepting submissions for our next edition, due out in Spring, 2022! This is such an exciting time for the magazine and we have a lot to share.

Welcome everyone interested in learning more about the magazine and especially those interested in contributing to our annual collection! Here you will find out a bit more about us and if you are returning, it’s always good to see you!

Between our pages is a sense of camaraderie around the deep passion for this part of the country, for this very special part of the state of Michigan. This place calls to some -beckoning them to get out and explore it, see it and experience it. For many of us, it’s a place where the best memories are made and treasured, where excitement and adventure are ready to share and so many find creative inspiration. At Walloon Writers Review, we gather around our creative community campfire, telling stories, reading something that captures the feeling we left with or lean in to see the really cool picture someone captured while here.

This shared collection is printed annually to share with others and it’s so important to call out the incredible bookstores who have a special corner or table or shelf just for Michigan writers and photographers. Their support of independent publications, such as Walloon Writers Review is greatly appreciated. We hope you will explore them in person or online, or choose them as beneficiaries of your online book buying on Bookshop.org! See the list of great places at the end of this post.

Please consider sharing your writing or photography with Walloon Writers Review during our Call For Submissions! All of the information and a welcoming note from our Associate Editor Glen Young can be found on our Submissions tab, including a theme for this upcoming Edition 7. Know that if you have never submitted a piece to us or anyone else before, we publish first time in print right alongside established, even award-winning, nationally recognized writers and photographers. It’s a level playing field. It’s about up north and the UP – it’s about what makes this place special.

Thank you and thanks to the following bookstores across Michigan where you can find great books and collections of poetry, national best sellers and locally scribed books, chapbooks and literary magazines like ours:

Bay Books Suttons Bay

Between The Covers  Harbor Springs

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Horizon Books  Traverse City and Cadillac

McLean & Eakin  Petoskey

Reader’s World  Holland

Saturn Booksellers  Gaylord

Snowbound Books  Marquette

The Bookman  Grand Haven

Walloon Writers Review is published by Mission Point Press and distributed by Ingram. Our current edition, Walloon Writers Review “edition 6” is available now at the above listed booksellers, and online at Bookshop.org or BarnesandNoble.com. Have a question? Please email us at editor@walloonwriters.com.

We can’t wait to see what you’ve submitted! You will be contacted as an acknowledgement for your submission and you will hear our determination, as well. Each published contributor receives one courtesy copy of the magazine shipped to them directly. With the ever changing landscape, we hope to return to in person events in 2022.

Falling For Northern Michigan and the Upper Peninsula

This fantastic cover photo was submitted by Marquette area photographer Elizabeth J. Bates, capturing the colors of fall, the fantastic reflection of the day and is just bursting with stunning natural beauty.

We are mulling through late summer, autumn’s stunning colors leaving us breathless and serene. Walloon Writers Review staff have been out and about checking in with booksellers and those who help others find out about this exciting collection of original creative writing, nature photography, poetry, musings and a few memories.

While you might often visit our page just about now to get the scoop on submissions, our “axis” tilted with all the usual craziness of this year and we are shifting our schedule to accommodate. Be sure to check back very soon for Call For Submissions very soon! Now is a great time to pick up a copy to get to know the types of outstanding materials we share.

Fall is a favorite time of year – hmmm… did I say that about Winter, Spring and Summer, too? Okay busted! The leaves falling … riding on a sudden breeze…smacking the side of your head while you read on the lounge chair – absentmindedly swatting them off, the incredible vistas of red, oranges, yellows and brown against sunshine, blue skies and the ever-present evergreens that send their rich fragrance into the air.

It’s a great time to be a reader and a writer. So excited to share on our Facebook page as many of the author and writers events, in person and via Zoom! We were present at Harbor Springs Festival of the Book with such exciting presentations by an exciting authors; National Writers Series – Pam Houston (had to do online), stopped in Bay Books this week to catch up and talk Leelanau County writers, including Kathleen Stocking, Pierce Stocking’s daughter – if you haven’t been to Sleeping Bear Dunes – don’t miss that!

We are honored to also have an opportunity to talk about Walloon Writers Review with Petoskey News-Review, Northern Express and Kurt Hauswirth at WNMUFM.org, in Marquette!

Right now, you can buy a copy of Walloon Writers Review edition 6 in the following delightful bookstores in Michigan:

  • Bay Books – Suttons Bay
  • Between The Covers – Harbor Springs
  • Horizon Books – Traverse City
  • Island Books – Mackinac Island
  • McLean & Eakin – Petoskey
  • Reader’s World – Holland
  • Saturn Booksellers – Gaylord
  • Snowbound Books – Marquette
  • The Bookman – Grand Haven

Check back soon!

Summer At It’s Best

Kitch iti kipi – Simply amazing

Diving into cool water, dropping a line in to catch a fish, hopping on bikes and discovering new pathways, flying across the water as sails snap in strong winds, zinging along dirt trails on ATV’s, walking along the shoreline – inland, island, Great Lake or river – exploring the endless treasures and sites we always hoped we would find time to see, this summer has been amazing up here.

We feel the shift in the sunlight this week, noted by the golden color of the sand in the afternoon, wildflowers and cattails towering over the mailboxes, earlier sunsets and slightly shorter days. The meteor shower has ended but the night sky continues to send shooting stars across the black silk of space, constellations ever present and stars so bright, they look like they are ripe for picking.

This moment, the last few weeks of the season, offer time for reflection, fun, focus on getting that last trip in or sharing time with family and friends before the harvest, work, school, and endless schedules begin… time to savor the taste of an ice cream cone, s’mores, fresh whitefish and salmon dinners or a charred hot dog off the campfire.

The lake is calling

We usually gather in fall to share our stories, our poetry and spectacular photography – all inspired by the magnificence of this region. This year, we will be starting our Call for Submissions later in the season as the brilliance of the leaves turns, and just before the rain or snow! hits. Enjoy every minute…every adventure.

Please keep an eye out for an update sometime in September, with plenty of time to make ready your submissions. Right now, the sun is shining, the water is clear and the best of the summer is in full swing. Enjoy every second of it.

Only In Michigan

Shower Over Wilderness Bay ©Jonathan Jordan 2020

This photo is one of the amazing nature photography selections you’ll find in Walloon Writers Review edition 6. Jon Jordan is a contributor you may recognize from his story contributions, including in this edition “Strait Storm”. Be sure to check out a copy of Walloon Writers Review edition 6 for his story from the Les Cheneaux, and more.

We spoke with a member of the media today about how much we all love to share our tales, family stories, impressions and photography of the stunning natural beauty around every corner in this region. Sharing those stories, poems, musings and pictures is what this annual collection is all about.

You’ll find a range of perspectives on the region, suitable for everyone to enjoy – by exceptional writers, who are well-known and already holding their own spot on the shelves in bookstores and libraries to newly emerging writers and photographers. It’s a pick up, read a few and put it down kind of publication – and it’s in print, ready to share with friends and family on the deck, the screened porch, cabin rainy day bookshelf or just around where a little quiet time outside means unplugging and enjoying everything this part of Michigan can offer.

You can find Walloon Writers Review edition 6 on the shelves in many independent bookstores around the region …. from Marquette to Mackinac Island, Harbor Springs, Petoskey and Gaylord to Suttons Bay and Traverse City and down state. Not near a bookstore? Discover Bookshop.org (also supporting local bookstores!) or Barnes&Noble.com.

Walloon Writers Review edition 6 is edited by Glen Young – who was last seen paddling a kayak off Mackinac Island – and features Michigan minded content, new contributors and familiar names. We’d like to welcome writers James P. Lenfestey, James J. Bogan, Jr. and Kacey Riley and nature photographers Lisa Fosmo, Karen Walker and cover contributing photographer, Elizabeth J. Bates.

Enjoy the best of summer right now – the sun is shining and it’s a gorgeous day in Northern Michigan. See ya outside!

Jennifer Huder – Founding editor