Brilliance in the skies and the magnificence of Northern Michigan’s beauty –

While we usher in March, hoping for the burst of Spring birds, warmer winds and peeks of grass and mud (haha), we wait patiently as gale winds flail about, and ice seems to just keep us on our toes. Thanks to Steve Huder for the phenomenal photo shown here.

We are waiting, too for the print release of Walloon Writers Review edition 6! Expect an update soon – but production is ongoing and finishing touches are coming together while we move off our free digital edition and onto our print version!

Check back with us soon!

Winter In Northern Michigan

We have waited for a long time to run straight into a snowbank, slide across snow packed trails on skis, sleds, skates and tires. Joy joy joy! Now the fun can begin! Winter is a stellar season in Northern Michigan and with our restaurants reopening, it feels like a celebration! But someone invited the North wind, so be sure to bundle up accordingly.

Walloon Writers Review edition 6, our first digital version of our regional literary magazine reached hundreds of viewers on since we announced it in December! What a great opportunity to reach new audiences and offer the experience of our magazine in an online format. But, tradition calls and we hear you… so, we are excited to meet the many requests for a print version!

Walloon Writers Review Edition 6 in print is in production! Please check back with us for a release date.

Our thanks again to Mitchell Graphics of Petoskey in providing our e-edition design and upload to so successfully!

Watch our website, Instagram and Facebook accounts for updates and we will keep you posted on when and where you can get your print copy of our 6th edition of Walloon writers review. Keep warm and have fun!

WALLOON WRITERS REVIEW edition 6 now available!

We did something special this year. We are so excited to offer a digital edition of Walloon Writers Review to share with readers at no charge this year!

Walloon Writers Review edition 6 features outstanding poetry, short stories and nature photography inspired by Northern Michigan and the Upper Peninsula. We are honored that GLEN YOUNG served as editor for this edition. Titled “edition 6” which references our first e-edition, the collection serves to share an enjoyable experience.

We are excited to once again include the winning selections from the 18th Annual Crooked Tree Arts Center Juried Young Writers Exposition.

Please follow this link and enjoy this wonderful collection – may you find peace and joy in the holiday season, the beautiful setting of Northern Michigan and the UP, and a joyous New Year.

edition 6

Walloon Writers Review announces the following writers and photographers will be featured in the upcoming Walloon Writers Review edition 6 ! This digital edition is expected out in December!

Priscilla Atkins

Elizabeth J. Bates

James J. Bogan, Jr.

 Jim Bolone

yuan changming

Thomas Ford Conlan

Nancy Cook

Art Curtis

Lisa Fosmo

CJ Giroux

Grace Giroux

Jonathan Jordan

Deda Kavanagh

Kelly Kazmierski

James P. Lenfestey

John Lennon

Ellen Lord

Chris Lucka

Raymond Luczak

Kenneth Pobo

Kacey Riley

Katherine Roth

Melissa Seitz

Shelley B. Smithson

Bev Steckert

Philip D. Sterling

Edd Tury

Karen Walker

Michael S. Walker

Allen M. Weber

Buff Whitman-Bradley

Glen Young


Walloon Writers Review would like to give thanks to all of our contributors who have made our little lit magazine grow and blossom and all of our bookseller friends who have shared the incredible poetry, stories and photography over the years.

We are so excited to share that Walloon Writers Review edition 6 – our first digital only release is under production. While this (like every. single. thing. in 2020) is taking a little longer than expected, we know it’s worth the wait.

This edition is edited by Glen Young, who has contributed poetry to Walloon Writers Review and serves as Associate Editor, which is so exciting because his fresh voice, exceptional talent and dedication to good writing makes for a really incredible edition.

After Thanksgiving, we will list the edition 6 Contributors you can look forward to reading and enjoying their photography upon release. Thanks to you, readers, writers, photographers, booksellers, graphic designers, friends and newcomers, we can look forward to a step away from the rough edges of this year and immerse ourselves in focusing on Northern Michigan, the beckoning Upper Peninsula and all of it’s natural beauty.

We give thanks to all and wish you a peaceful week.

First Days of Fall

Misty morning in Northern Michigan

You are in good company here, with brilliant leaves starting to flutter to the ground and seemingly all seasons temperatures ticking by throughout the day.

There is one week to go in our annual Call For Submissions and we are excited to see our in box active. If you sent something in and DID NOT receive an acknowledgement email, please resend your submission to Like everyone else, we made adjustments to our normal actions for 2020.

A little bird told me that normally quiet outdoor places are still seeing visitors and for many, it is outside where we feel most at home. If a drive is out of reach for you and your family, please visit your yard or a city park. The fresh air, endless natural phenomena and change of season will wrap joy around your soul.

Grateful for your ongoing enthusiasm for our collection of talented writing and photography. Please expect to hear from us again soon!

We post photos on Instagram, post and re-post amazing photos of the region on our FB page and call this a politics free zone. Here, you can breathe, tap into good feelings and know that we are all part of a creative comminity. Insights, art, stories, reflections and moments in nature captured in words woven like silk flow through our contributors. It can all be delightful in the face of the drudgery.

As always, Walloon Writers Review attempts to capture and share original creative writing and nature photography inspired by and about northern Michigan and the Upper Peninsula. No experience required.

Mighty Michigan Upper Peninsula

Tahquamenon Falls July 23

With some initial trepidation over crowds, we walked the pathways of the upper and lower falls yesterday. Stepping out on the overlook, where this photo was taken, the mist sprinkled us. It’s almost a pilgrimage of summer for a lot of us who grew up in Michigan. The might of the tons of water careening over slick rock is exciting at the moment you stand close enough to feel the mist.

The Mighty Mac stands proudly between our two peninsulas and driving over yesterday, the vista showed off the deep blue of the straits and rooster tail of the ferry on its way to Mackinac Island.

Summer of 2020 is not the same as summers before or holding all of the excitement we planned but, stepping outside, smelling cedars, pine, hemlock and standing in the tannin stained Superior, gingered river of the falls, and in the way back home, the crystal blue of northern edges of Lake Michigan felt amazing.

Lake Superior July 23

Walloon Writers Review will eventually get down to business and announce our Call for Submissions. For now, summer’s calling…check back again, soon!

love these chippies!