Thank you!

A great thank you to all who shared their photography and original writing for consideration for Walloon Writers Review Second Edition.   We are honored to have received so many exciting creative works and humbled by the quality of materials that have crossed our desk.

The mission of Walloon Writers Review is to produce an exciting, interesting publication that showcases the creative expression that Northern Michigan inspires.  The deeper we delve into exploration of the natural surroundings, greet and get to know the people of the area and those visiting or passing through, and reflect upon the experience, we seem to spill forth with a natural urge to share the lasting impressions.  We hope readers seeking a glimpse of the richness of the regions vistas, shorelines, blue waters,  deep forests, trails, magnificent sky and fresh air may find it captured in our pages.

We are pleased to announce our donation to the Tip of the Mitt Watershed Council on behalf of all writers and photographers who submitted materials to Walloon Writers Review Second Edition for consideration.  The review fee was split between the publication and an organization that works hard to protect the watersheds and natural resources. Our contribution will be DOUBLE our donation last year!

Check back here and follow along on Twitter or Facebook for updates on the release date, sneak peaks and and where you can get your copy of Walloon Writers Review.







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