November Notes

As our publication is in production, we will announce release date of Second Edition shortly and where you can purchase your copy upon completion!  We are so excited to get to press!

Sunny skies abound today and our beautiful northern Michigan and Upper Peninsula never fail to delight with colorful sparkles of last leaves, blue skies, and sparkling coastlines.  The tree-lined roads lead our imagination to new places, as great pines beckon to just see what’s down that way…

Walloon Writers Review encourages you to offer the gift of a good book to a friend this year or choose a book to go with your charitable donation to children in need.  While our donation as an organization this year is for preservation of the natural beauty of the region, we think books are a great gift for everyone and provide inspiration for the next generation of writers.

We are fortunate to have so many amazing booksellers in the region and we hope you will include them in your shopping.  Easy to buy, easy to wrap, easy to ship…books always bring a grateful grin!

Wishing you a peaceful Thanksgiving…







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