Second Edition Release News

Sunday December 11

Update!  Sadly, we are delayed by a production problem that caused a reprint!

We wish to advise our contributors and our fans that our release date of Monday, December 11 has been delayed due to a technical problem that effectively rendered the magazine unusable.

Stay tuned for updates – we have our fingers crossed for good news and will share an update as soon as we have one.

The Second Edition of Walloon Writers Review features incredible writing, talented authors and photographers including:

Bonnie Jo Campbell, Randy Evans, George Held, Alan Basting, Anne Rashid, Benjamin Kinney and photography by Neil Ahrens and Kennen White, as well as so much more.

Second Edition is double the size of our First Edition and will be available shortly.

In the meantime, our thoughts are with our friends at Boyne Highlands Resort, that suffered a fire last night.


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