Spring In Northern Michigan

This spring we are all doing our best to stay home, stay safe and let the virus slow in our precious state of Michigan. It’s been a great time for bird watching and the increased numbers of wildlife taking advantage of quieter streets and wooded areas and stepping out has been exciting. We spotted a porcupine up in the tree at the end of the road after heavy rains and the Tom turkeys were dancing around last week, showing off their full feathers. This week we have evidence of critters, peepers and last night, GNATS! Hopefully, the mosquitos got word that we’re under lock and key and they should stay home, too.

In our 5th Edition, Steve Huder’s Torch Lake Fox reminds us of springtime and sunshine. Recently, we reposted photography of a mother Fox and her kits and beautiful birds from around the state. We remind ourselves and our readers of the amazing beauty of Northern Michigan and if you are away, it’s all still here. It’s just taking an awfully long time to warm up, which is okay under these circumstances.

Writers and Writing!

Congratulations to the Crooked Tree Arts Center Young Writer’s Exposition winners! We are also really excited to read a bit about the Boyne City Writes! Project by the Boyne City Public Library, for residents to share their great writing.

Also, be sure to keep an eye out on Twitter and Newpages.com for writing contests, photography contests and virtual galleries to continue sharing your amazing talents.

RIP Bruce, the original work from home cat co-worker in 2005


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