Fourth Of July

And, like that, snap! It’s summer….warm sunshine, big waves, screams of laughter and joy. Sunsets that take your breath away.

Walloon Writers Review is making plans for our next edition, reflecting upon the events of the day, working to stay aligned with our mission of offering a publication where you can share your reflections of Northern Michigan and the UP, inspired by the natural beauty, inclusive of all audiences, and know that readers are excited to delve into these original creative writings and nature photography.

Visit our website again for updates and watch our social media outlets for information about this unique lit mag, created especially for the passion this place inspires.

Should you have missed our Fifth Edition, check out the tab on where to find Walloon Writers Review. More locations are adding us in, online and in person. Please…Be sure to support your local independent bookstores in any way you can. They need our support while slowly we make our way back to snapping up titles in the window, staff picks and have all curated thoughtful collections to help us all through challenging and changing times.

Til next month…wishing you all a Happy Fourth of July!


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