Mighty Michigan Upper Peninsula

Tahquamenon Falls July 23

With some initial trepidation over crowds, we walked the pathways of the upper and lower falls yesterday. Stepping out on the overlook, where this photo was taken, the mist sprinkled us. It’s almost a pilgrimage of summer for a lot of us who grew up in Michigan. The might of the tons of water careening over slick rock is exciting at the moment you stand close enough to feel the mist.

The Mighty Mac stands proudly between our two peninsulas and driving over yesterday, the vista showed off the deep blue of the straits and rooster tail of the ferry on its way to Mackinac Island.

Summer of 2020 is not the same as summers before or holding all of the excitement we planned but, stepping outside, smelling cedars, pine, hemlock and standing in the tannin stained Superior, gingered river of the falls, and in the way back home, the crystal blue of northern edges of Lake Michigan felt amazing.

Lake Superior July 23

Walloon Writers Review will eventually get down to business and announce our Call for Submissions. For now, summer’s calling…check back again, soon!

love these chippies!

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