Walloon Writers Review Seventh Edition Released!

Beautiful cover by East Jordan photographer Karen Walker – wait until you see the wrap around on the back!

Very proud to announce, on behalf of the exciting Contributors to this edition (see a complete list on our previous post!) that Walloon Writers Review Seventh Edition is released and on its way to bookstores! This collection is so exciting and features a number of short stories, just wonderful poetry, vivid creativity, and many new and returning contributors. This is also our largest edition at 182 pages!

There is something incredible about the passion and creativity inspired by Northern Michigan and the Upper Peninsula. In story, reflection, moving and vivd poetry, and beautiful nature photography, this collection offers really incredible writing and images true to the spirit of the region. We are so honored to welcome many new photographers to our collection!

We have let our friends at area Michigan independent bookstores know our new edition is availableand hear its on its way soon! Watch for it and please ask your favorite local bookseller if they are carrying it. It’s the perfect way to take home that feeling we all share about Northern Michigan and the UP! You can also order copies on Bookshop.org and select one of our Independent Booksellers in the region – like Between the Covers in Harbor Springs, McLean & Eakin in Petoskey Snowbound Books in Marquette, Horizon Books in Traverse City and Cadillac, Bay Books in Suttons Bay, and many many more.

Our friends at Snowbound Books in Marquette let us know that they have ordered copies to have on hand! Great news as this edition has many Upper Peninsula contributors, we are so grateful readers can readily find a copy while in magical Marquette!

Soon you can find copies at McLean & Eakin in Petoskey and Between The Covers in Harbor Springs! Keep watching for Where To Find Walloon Writers Review Seventh Edition here and on our Instagram and Facebook page.

Be sure to scroll down and check out the extensive list of contributors who make this collection so fantastic.

Here are just a sample of the tempting titles of original creative writing you will find in Walloon Writers Review Seventh Edition: Moist (Jim Daniels), I’m Thinking of Us in a Cottage (Emily Colby), River Guide (Russell Reece), Breathe December (John Lennon), On the Docks (S.D. Dillon), Michigan Calling (Skip Renker), Lumberjack Tango (Ellen Lord), Wild Impatience (Philip Rice), A Yooper Takes Shelter At Camp (Lisa Fosmo), First Fall (Milton J. Bates) , Dandelion Daydreams (Lauren Driscoll).

Stunning images also offer enticing titles, like Autumn Palette (Jennifer Uehlein Reynolds), Surveilling Channel Ghosts (Michele Austin), Great Blue Heron (Susan Kirt) and Blue Ice (An Indirect Path) – by Moon Seagren.

We want to give a grand shout out to our amazing designers, including Angela Saxon, Heather Shaw, and the whole team at Mission Point Press in Traverse City! Thank you for helping us realize such a beautiful publication.

Visit us again soon for updates!

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