Inside Walloon Writers Review Seventh Edition: A Celebration of northern Michigan and the Upper Peninsula

Autumn Palette by Jennifer Uehlein Reynolds Copyright 2021

Inside Walloon Writers Review Seventh Edition, you’ll find a celebration of the amazing experiences only found in this part of the world. Our collection shares the seasons, the adventures, the interactions with nature and with others in a special region from just above the middle of the lower peninsula to the outreaches of the Upper Peninsula.

One of the outstanding photography submissions this edition is by photographer Jennifer Uehlein Reynolds. We are honored to include with amazing photograph that has already been recognized by an area art gallery for its beauty. You’ll find more of Jennifer’s photography interspersed with outstanding short stories, poetry and musings in writing and in even more nature photography.

Walloon Writers Review On The Air at WNMU-FM90 Northern Arts & Culture with Hans Ahlström

This fall, WNMU-FM 90 included a reading and interview with Milton Bates, one of our returning poetry contributors. His readings are from his poetry included in this edition of Walloon Writers Review. We would like to thank Hans Ahlström, host of Northern Arts & Culture, as well as several other programs on the Marquette-based public radio station for sharing a little bit about the contributors who make Walloon Writers Review special!


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