Walloon Writers Review Second Edition


Walloon Writers Review Volume 2 is now available and we hope to announce additional retail locations soon!  Our Second Edition features an exciting collection of original writing and photography by outstanding amateur and professional contributors.  This edition, twice the size of our First Edition to 40 pages,  is jammed with colorful and unique expressions of creativity by local, regional, Michigan and national artists and writers who are inspired by Northern Michigan and the Upper Peninsula as residents, visitors, travelers and family ties.

We are proud to announce our contributors:

Neil Ahrens – Harbor Springs; Alan Basting – Bitely, MI; Patrick W.C. Bevier –Petoskey; Bonnie Jo Campbell – Kalamazoo; Randy Evans-Bay Harbor; Emily Grace Goodrich- San Diego, CA; George Held-New York, NY; Steven W. Huder-Wisconsin; J.W. Jordan- Indianapolis, IN area ; Benjamin Kinney-Marquette; Barbara McGaw-Freeland; Anne M.Rashid-Pittsburgh,PA;  Jan Schoemaker-Michigan; Erica Steinweg-Ohio; Kennen White-Mt. Pleasant.

Copies are currently available at:

Between the Covers Bookstore – Harbor Springs; or online at https://squareup.com/walloon-writers-review (Shipping charges apply).





Walloon Writers Review Second Edition Volume 2 2016 Release Announced!


Walloon Writers Review Second Edition Vol.2 2016 is now available for you to enjoy!  Featuring reflections in stories, memories, poetry, and exciting photography, inspired by Northern Michigan and the Upper Peninsula, this exciting edition is twice as big as last year!

Second Edition 2016 Contributors include:  Alan Basting, Barbara McGaw; Jan Shoemaker, J.W. Jordan, Benjamin Kinney, Emily Grace Goodrich, George Held, Patrick W.C. Bevier, Erica Steinweg, Anne Rashid, and Petoskey author Randy Evans, with photography by  Mt. Pleasant photographer Kennen White, Steven W. Huder, and Patrick W.C.Bevier and more.

Walloon Writers Review is honored to feature Harbor Springs artist and photographer, Neil Ahrens on the cover and poetry by Michigan best selling author, Bonnie Jo Campbell.

Walloon Writers Review Second Edition Vol.2 2016 is available for sale at:

Between the Covers Bookstore 106 E. Main Harbor Springs, MI  (231) 526-6658 or online (shipping charges apply) at https://squareup.com/store/walloon-writers-review.

We hope to expand our placement in independent bookstores and favorite shops throughout the state.

Thank you to everyone who helped make this edition so exciting. Happy Holidays!

-the editor



Second Edition Release News

Sunday December 11

Update!  Sadly, we are delayed by a production problem that caused a reprint!

We wish to advise our contributors and our fans that our release date of Monday, December 11 has been delayed due to a technical problem that effectively rendered the magazine unusable.

Stay tuned for updates – we have our fingers crossed for good news and will share an update as soon as we have one.

The Second Edition of Walloon Writers Review features incredible writing, talented authors and photographers including:

Bonnie Jo Campbell, Randy Evans, George Held, Alan Basting, Anne Rashid, Benjamin Kinney and photography by Neil Ahrens and Kennen White, as well as so much more.

Second Edition is double the size of our First Edition and will be available shortly.

In the meantime, our thoughts are with our friends at Boyne Highlands Resort, that suffered a fire last night.

November Notes

As our publication is in production, we will announce release date of Second Edition shortly and where you can purchase your copy upon completion!  We are so excited to get to press!

Sunny skies abound today and our beautiful northern Michigan and Upper Peninsula never fail to delight with colorful sparkles of last leaves, blue skies, and sparkling coastlines.  The tree-lined roads lead our imagination to new places, as great pines beckon to just see what’s down that way…

Walloon Writers Review encourages you to offer the gift of a good book to a friend this year or choose a book to go with your charitable donation to children in need.  While our donation as an organization this year is for preservation of the natural beauty of the region, we think books are a great gift for everyone and provide inspiration for the next generation of writers.

We are fortunate to have so many amazing booksellers in the region and we hope you will include them in your shopping.  Easy to buy, easy to wrap, easy to ship…books always bring a grateful grin!

Wishing you a peaceful Thanksgiving…






Thank you!

A great thank you to all who shared their photography and original writing for consideration for Walloon Writers Review Second Edition.   We are honored to have received so many exciting creative works and humbled by the quality of materials that have crossed our desk.

The mission of Walloon Writers Review is to produce an exciting, interesting publication that showcases the creative expression that Northern Michigan inspires.  The deeper we delve into exploration of the natural surroundings, greet and get to know the people of the area and those visiting or passing through, and reflect upon the experience, we seem to spill forth with a natural urge to share the lasting impressions.  We hope readers seeking a glimpse of the richness of the regions vistas, shorelines, blue waters,  deep forests, trails, magnificent sky and fresh air may find it captured in our pages.

We are pleased to announce our donation to the Tip of the Mitt Watershed Council on behalf of all writers and photographers who submitted materials to Walloon Writers Review Second Edition for consideration.  The review fee was split between the publication and an organization that works hard to protect the watersheds and natural resources. Our contribution will be DOUBLE our donation last year!

Check back here and follow along on Twitter or Facebook for updates on the release date, sneak peaks and and where you can get your copy of Walloon Writers Review.






Second Edition Submissions

Wow!  Thanks to Petoskey News Review, New Pages, several other literary magazine teams, Submittable and our friends on Twitter, Facebook, at the bookstores, previous contributors, readers, authors, writers, photographers and friends, we are receiving a steady flow of great submissions for Second Edition.  Thank you to everyone for helping get the word out!

Our deadline is creeping up….September 5th by Midnight and this one is firm this time…  Anyone interested in First Edition, copies are still available at Between The Covers in Harbor Springs, MI.

We’ll post back again after Deadline.  Questions?  Send an email to editor@walloonwriters.com.

Advertisers…copy deadline is September 15, 2016.  Email info@walloonwriters.com with questions.