Walloon Writers Review Fifth Edition Contributors

We are honored to announce the Walloon Writers Review Fifth Edition contributors:

Joyce Brinkman
Tim Chilcote
Rick Fowler
CJ Giroux
Grace Giroux
Steve Hooper
Steven W. Huder
Deda Kavanagh
Kelly Tingle Kazmierski
John Lennon
Ellen Lord
Raymond Luczak
Helen Raica-Klotz
Charles Rammelkamp
Greg Rappleye
Skip Renker
Nancy Renko
David Anthony Sam
Melissa Seitz
Jan Shoemaker
Shelley Smithson
Phillip Sterling
Edy Stoughton
Taylor Tucker
Edd Tury
Steve Ullom
Robert Vivian
Glen Young
Amy Zaranek

Check back for our official release!

Thank you!

Walloon Writers Review has completed its annual Call for Submissions and, Wow! We are excited to get to work!

Thank you for sending in your creative writing and photography and for sharing our information with others who might be interested.

So, now what happens?

As much as it would be wonderful to include every thing, we are limited on space and try to choose a broad variety of styles, voices, perspectives and selections that stand apart in how they capture this region. We typically receive really creative, well thought out materials by talented people. It’s exciting!

We will contact all submitters with our final decision. Keep an eye on the e-mail you used to submit your material. It takes a while to thoroughly review, discuss, debate, and select final pieces. There is a review process that ensures your work will be thoroughly reviewed several times by more than one reviewer.

While we can’t promise a specific date, we hope to have our Fifth Edition out by the first part of November.

We are honored to receive your submission. Thank you for helping make Walloon Writers Review so exciting and unique!

Call For Submissions is Underway!


This incredible photography came from Harbor Springs artist and photographer NEIL AHRENS, and as you can see, was selected for our Second Edition.  We appreciate the  timelessness, movement, passion and stunning artistry captured here and proudly published this submission prominently on the cover.  Walloon Writers Review is honored to share this.

Outstanding photography alongside excellent writing makes our literary magazine special and our regional focus makes us unique.  We know the Call For Submissions can be a little nerve wracking but, hopefully also exciting!

Please share your Northern Michigan and Upper Peninsula photography for consideration for our upcoming  Fifth Edition.  We display your copyright symbol, you retain the rights and we hope you enjoy knowing how each photo included is considered for its individual artistic merit, then placed among poetry, short stories, and other creative writing.  We are a print publication, giving long legs and a long life to your contribution to this unique collection of Northern Michigan and UP inspired creativity.

See our Submissions information on the next tab for more information!


Creative writers and photographers looking to publish their Northern Michigan and Upper Peninsula inspired stories, poetry and photography may submit their materials for consideration to Walloon Writers Review between August 1 and September 6th, 2019.  

Walloon Writers Review has featured nationally recognized and first time in print contributors over the past five years including:  Jan Shoemaker, Randy Evans, Carol Oberg, Tom Conlan, Suzie Banks Baum, Melissa Seitz, Neil Ahrens, Erica Steinweg, Mike Schlitt, Linda Gall, Brett Allen, Glen Young, , Melissa Kutsche, Thor Bacon, CJ Giroux, Phillip Sterling, Katrina Valuyeva, Barbara McGaw, Robert Vivian, Sharon Ruff, Kelly Tingle Kazmierski, Paul Doty, Susan Hughes, Larry Parrott, Robert Fawcett, Mary Spadoni, and more.  


The literary magazine recently welcomed Glen Young as the new Associate Editor For the upcoming edition. Founder and editor Jennifer Huder shares the goal of Walloon Writers Review:


“This is an opportunity for writers and photographers to share their writing and photos inspired by this beautiful region and for readers who celebrate “all things Northern Michigan and the UP” to enjoy.  Each edition is a collection of impressions, images and reflections uniquely focused on this amazing region.”

The deadline for submissions is September 6th, 2019. Guidelines and how to submit writing and photography for consideration are under the Submissions tab. For questions, please email editor@walloonwriters.com.


Walloon Writers Review is published  in print only annually by Mission Point Press Traverse City, Michigan and is sold in independent bookstores.


With our CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS right around the corner, we are excited to share the news that GLEN YOUNG will serve as Associate Editor for our upcoming Fifth Edition!

Glen Young is a longtime English teacher in Northern Michigan. His Literate Matters column-first introduced in 2000– appears regularly in the Petoskey News Review. He is the editor of Beneath the Lilac Canopy, and his poetry and journalism appear regularly in a wide range of publications.  He is also co-director of the Top of the Mitt Writing Project, as well as director of the Little Traverse Literary Guild.

Walloon Writers Review extends a warm welcome to Glen, who is also a contributor to Fourth Edition!

Call for Submissions for our Fifth edition begins August 1st and runs through the first week of September.  Walloon Writers Review uses Submittable for all creative writing and photography may be sent directly.  See Guidelines for details… coming soon!

Paul Doty on writer Jim Harrison and photography by Charles Rammelkamp

Walloon Writers Review is building a Community of Creativity as each edition is produced and new names cross your pages. We are pleased to call attention to each contributor in hopes that you will look for their work here and in other publications!

Paul Doty presented Two For Harrison including Old Men Lunch Bags and Jim Harrison’s Fate in our Fourth Edition, referencing Michigan author Jim Harrison, most widely known for his novel True North and novella Legends of the Fall . Paul Doty is a reference librarian at St. Lawrence University and resides in Canton, NY. A long time Jim Harrison reader, he has also published an essay on Jim Harrison’s Sundog, “Life is Unbearably Vivid: An Essay on Sundog by Jim Harrison and Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte” in the Great Lakes Review.

Charles Rammelkamp grew up downstate in Albion, Michigan and his family has owned property on Old Mission Peninsula for 100 years. He presently lives in Baltimore, MD and comes to Michigan for two weeks every summer. His photography focus for this edition was Grand Traverse Bay Morning Moon and Grand Traverse Bay Sunset.

You can find these contributors in our Fourth Edition which is available throughout Northern Michigan. Join us! Our Call for Submissions is starting August 1st!

Coming Soon! Will you be part of our creative community of writers and photographers?

We are getting ready for our Fifth Edition Call for Submissions!

If you’re interested in taking time now to look through your creative writing, drafts, finished short stories, poetry and everything in between and photography, here are some guidelines to keep in mind:

  • Walloon Writers Review celebrates Northern Michigan and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  Your submission should reflect the natural beauty, definitive experience of living, visiting, and or travelling through this region or great story, photo of your time here.
  • We reach a broad audience including young writers, please submit content that is  all audience suitable.
  • Inspired by Northern Michigan and the UP… the unique aspects of this amazing part of Michigan inspire incredible creativity!  Peruse previous editions to get a feel for the variety of voices we include. McLean & Eakin, Saturn Booksellers, The Bookman, Between the Covers, Reader’s World, Purple Tree and Horizon Books as well as several libraries carry Walloon Writers Review!

Watch for our announcement soon!  We are so excited to read and view your incredible Northern Michigan/UP adventures, impressions and see your incredible photography!  Walloon Writers Review is a special place to share your stories and impressions just about Northern Michigan and the UP…we hope you’ll become a part of this exciting publication.