Join Walloon Writers Review in helping Tip of the Mitt Watershed Council Win!

On the heels of the good news that Great Lakes protection budget seems for now to be secure in the national budget, Patagonia and Moosejaw Charity Thing have picked two organizations we applaud and support for a winning matching fund pool.

Since Walloon Writers Review began, we have donated a portion of all Submittable fees paid by writers and photographers from our Call For Submissions, along with the checks we received directly, to Tip of the Mitt Watershed Council, a non profit organization that works diligently to protect the waters here in this part of Michigan. The fundraiser is exciting and you can find out more on….hoping this link works but it’s also up on our FB page and via our Twitter feed. Join us in supporting this terrific hard working group.

Also on our radar is the Alliance for the Great Lakes, also awesome non-profit working to raise awareness of this unique resource, tracking legislation and hosting a plethora of campaigns & activities that impacts the health and access to our amazing and FRAGILE Great Lakes.

BUT…..they are competing against each other in this fundraiser!! But, either way, we all need to be a part of this.

And how ’bout it-Patagonia and Moosejaw and Crowdrise! Thank you!

Ya just can’t lose either way…can you drop your coffee money in the tin? Coffee is all about the water you use to make it… for more information and for more information


Volume 3 Contributors

If you are curious to find out a bit more about who the contributors are for Volume 3, we are pleased to share the list here. Walloon Writers Review is excited to include submissions about this region from writers and photographers scattered around the country, and in the case of one, beyond our borders. We are honored that these talented individuals shared their creativity with our readers:

Thor Bacon

Macy Chionsini

Thomas Ford Conlan

Linda Gall

Steven W. Huder

Susan Hughes

Melissa Kutsche

Larry Parrott

Joseph S. Pete

Charles Rammelkamp

Mike Schlitt

Jan Shoemaker

Mary Spadoni

Erica Steinweg

Phillip Sterling

Walloon Writers Review Volume 3 at Area Bookstores!

Walloon Writers Review Volume 3 features an exciting collection of creative writing, stories, memories and exceptional photography and now you can find your copy at these independent bookstores:

Between The Covers 106 E. Main St. Harbor Springs

McLean & Eakin Booksellers 307 E. Lake St. Petoskey

Saturn Booksellers 127 W. Main St. Gaylord

Horizon Books 243 E. Front St. Traverse City

See “Where to Find Walloon Writers Review” for direct order.

Volume 3 is a blend of published and amateur writers, poets and both amateur and professional photographers including:

Thor Bacon, Macy Chionsini, Thomas Ford Conlan, Linda Gall, Steven W. Huder, Susan Hughes, Melissa Kutsche, Larry Parrott, Joseph S. Pete, Charles Rammelkamp, Mike Schlitt, Jan Shoemaker, Mary Spadoni, Erica Steinweg, and Philip Sterling. The stunning cover photography was captured by Mike Schlitt.

This edition also includes a special section showcasing the First Place winning prose and poetry by area elementary, middle and high school students from the Crooked Tree Arts Center Annual Young Writers Juried Exposition this past Spring.

Our guest Assistant Editor for Volume 3 is Patty Martin of Marquette, Michigan.

Walloon Writers Review accepts original materials annually during our Call For Submissions. A portion of each submission fee was donated to Tip of The Mitt Watershed Council, a non-profit organization working to protect the vital waterways of the region.

Walloon Writers Review Volume 3, 2017

Volume 3, 2017 is an exciting collection of creativity inspired by Northern Michigan, the UP of Michigan and the amazing natural beauty found here. This edition features stories, creative writing, poetry and beautiful photography by: Erica Steinweg, Melissa Kutsche, Susan Hughes, Linda Gall, Joseph Pete, Phillip D. Sterling, Macy Chionsini, Jan Shoemaker, Thor Bacon, Thomas Ford Conlan, Mary Spadoni, Steven W. Huder, Larry Parrott, Charles Rammelkamp, and cover photography by Mike Schlitt.

Volume 3 also includes First Place poetry and prose by area young writers from this year’s Crooked Tree Arts Center Annual Young Writers Juried Exposition.

Available at area bookstores. Please support our independent booksellers including: Between The Covers in Harbor Springs, McLean & Eakin Petoskey, Saturn Booksellers in Gaylord and Horizon Books- Traverse City.

Copies can also be purchased online at (flat shipping rate applies).

$7.00 US

Volume 3 is on its way…

The inspiration of Walloon, Petoskey, Charlevoix, Harbor Springs, northern Michigan, and the upper Peninsula are richly captured in the stories, poetry and beautiful photography included in Volume 3 of Walloon Writers Review.

We are so pleased to feature authors such as Jan Shoemaker, Larry Parrott, Thomas Ford Conlan, Joseph S. Pete, Phillip D. Sterling, and Thor Bacon, as well as stunning photography from Mike Schlitt, Linda Gall, Macy Chionsini, and more.

This edition of Walloon Writers Review also celebrates the talented young writers in the region who have already won a tremendous honor of First Place Winning poem or prose for each school level (elementary, middle and high school) in the Crooked Tree Arts Center Annual Young Writers Juried Exhibition, sponsored by Petsoskey News-Review, McLean & Eakin Booksellers, Crooked Tree Arts Center, Walloon Writers Review, as well as a host of local supporting organizations.

Keep an eye for our announcement of release!  Copies will of course be available soon! We encourage you to visit the awesome independent bookstores that have supported independent writing, literary magazines and exceptional books!  A great deal of thanks to:

Between The Covers Bookstore Harbor Springs

McLean & Eakin Bookseller Petoskey

Saturn Books Gaylord

Horizon Books Traverse City