First Time Submissions Welcome!

Walloon Writers Review Call for Submissions is underway and if you have never submitted your writing or photography for publication, this is a great opportunity!

Many of us have stayed on the sidelines, unsure of how our story or poem will be received. It’s a little nerve-wracking and exciting all mixed together. Start with you and your creativity!

Here’s the 411 on submissions for our publication;

  • We include a mix of published and previously unpublished writers/photographers
  • Walloon Writers Review is a good place for your Northern Michigan or UP inspired story, poem, essay or photo
  • Photos from most phone cameras work!
  • There is no specific format, so no need to get too caught up in trying to match previous entries.
  • We limit word count to 4,000 words but your piece can certainly be shorter.
  • There just isn’t staff to give feedback so when you send it in, you will hear back from us either way but not with notes.
  • Deadline is firm for this edition …September 1st!
  • Call For Submissions Begins Wednesday, August 1 – September 1!


    Share your legend, your adventure, your story, poem or musings about Northern Michigan and the Upper Peninsula with our readers!  We are pleased to announce the Fourth Edition Call for Submissions begins Wednesday, August 1st.

    We have been amazed at the talented creative writing that comes our way and the jaw dropping images captured by professional cameras and mobile phones alike.  With so many social media outreaches, we are pleased to remind everyone that Walloon Writers Review was established to create an opportunity for amateur writers/photographers to professionals to share their story, moment, vision, memories, considerations and shout outs to this amazing region in print.

    We hope to add to the cacophony of magazines & books laying about, with various book marks holding the place of a reader who’s off on a hike, paddling or hoisting the sail, spotting their grandkids or cousins as they fly off screaming into the cool and luscious waters of this region.  We hope you enjoyed what you read in previous editions and toss your hat in the ring.

    Walloon Writers Review is honored to include original creative writing and photography.  All rights remain with the author/artist.  We are expanding this edition – please be a part of it!  Your accompanying photo to your story may be included.  We will accept no more than three submissions from each person.  Reprints are welcome with appropriate permission.

    Kindly consider that these magazines are available to all ages and include writing by elementary, middle and high school students who won first place in the Crooked Tree Arts Center 15th Annual Juried Young Writers Exposition in Petoskey, Michigan this year.

    Please join us!  See our Call for Submissions page.



    Stories, poetry, musings, memories and original photography inspired by northern Michigan will be accepted between August 1 and September 1, 2018 for consideration for our Fourth Edition. The theme is Northern Michigan and the UP,  all materials must have a thread tying to this theme.  Walloon Writers Review celebrates the creative inspiration of the natural beauty and all season experiences.  We are a Michigan-focused publication that is suitable for all ages.

    From northern Michigan to over the bridge throughout the UP, whether you are a resident, part-timer, on vacation or just passed through, please share your original creative writing and photography inspired by this amazing part of the world.

    This year, with the help of Mission Point Press, Walloon Writers Review is growing and will be available throughout Michigan with a new, larger format, offering more room for MORE stories and MORE photography.  Word count max is now 4,000 words.

    Walloon Writers Review is a local independent contemporary literary magazine sharing creative writing and photography inspired by Northern Michigan and the Upper Peninsula. Published annually in print only, submissions are accepted annually by first timers to amateur to professionals.  The publication is expected to be available for purchase in November, 2018. 

    Walloon Writers Review uses and requests three item limit to one submission entry.  NOTE:  All rights remain with the original author/artist.  A standard reading fee is charged and a portion of that fee is donated to local non profit organizations that focus on nature preservation of this region.  OUR SUBMITTABLE LINK WILL OPEN 8/1/2018 AND CLOSE 9/1/2018 AT MIDNIGHT.  Each contributor selected will receive one free copy of the publication.

    Due to time constraints, we are unable to review, comment or offer feedback on your submission.  Our editorial staff appreciates your efforts and creativity!  Thank you and we are so excited to release this new, expanded edition of Walloon Writers Review!



    Getting ready for Fourth Edition

    When you thumb through the stories, poetry and photography in our magazine, you might get that sense of awe you feel standing before the blue waters of Walloon, Charlevoix, Little Traverse Bay, the Straits and Superior. You may remember the waft of pine or cedar after the last rainfall. Maybe you’ll swear you just heard a screen door shut or the unmistakable sound of gravel and sand as you hiked up the two track or trail.

    Between our pages, we hope you gain a sense of celebration of the natural beauty of this part of Northern Michigan or an inkling of pride in having been here to experience it first hand and a smile as you read the impressions so creatively shared by people like you.

    Before we open the doors for the next edition, our Fourth, a few memories to share. We started just looking for an accessible, family shareable place to gather these impressions, memories, and inspired stories. There is no other place like this and we all feel drawn to be here, come back here or remember our best days in the water or in the snow. We started very small and very homemade. Our Fourth edition will be bigger, larger format, more pages and more inclusive as we have had to turn away a lot of good writing.

    Our photography will remain in color but the high gloss finish will step back slightly due to cost. Quality and integrity of the photography is preserved, but less magazine-like. This larger edition will again include young writers who have been recognized by the community for their exceptional entry.

    We have been honored to include nationally recognized talent and first time in print authors, writers and photographers. We hope you’re name will be included next.

    Word count on stories increases to 3,800. Each entry will require a Submission fee. Our publication will be available in NOVEMBER, in time for holiday gift giving.

    Watch for our Call for Submissions and thank you!

    The Heat Is On

    Hope your Fourth of July week is as much fun as ours! While you are finding a way to keep cool, start thinking about our Fourth!

    We will start accepting submissions for our Fourth Edition starting in about a month. Our focus is original writing and photography about Northern Michigan and the Upper Peninsula. Your creativity captures an experience, memories, natural surroundings or a unique element of this amazing place. Fiction, reflections, poetry, and photography are welcome.

    Watch the website for more detail coming soon. Creative writing – new increased limit to 3,800 words and photography submissions will extend to three photographs per-single entry. All rights remain with you, the original author or artist.

    Hope you have a blast!